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About Us


The IDEAL ENGLISH SCHOOL is unique, in thatithas evolved outof a philosophy, an idea. Itbegan in 2017 with the awareness that the true meaning of education is yet to be discovered. Inspired by great thinkers ofthe times, IES pioneered several educational child­friendly concepts ahead oftime. Cognizantthatthe child todaywill applyhis/her learning in a future thatis 20 years away, IES ensures our faculty is trained to nurture the minds and hearts of the developing child. Today, more than 5 years later, all of our innovations have found validation. Every educator and behaviourist unanimouslyholds these practices as essential to the growth of children.


Why Ideal English School?

We do not believe in allowing tests to dictate our teaching. Instead, we promote a style of learning through which children develop an exploratory approach, from which knowledge and the ability to pass tests are happy by-product. Thus, at the annual exam sessions, beyond assessing the student’s ability to read and write, students demonstrate their ability to reason, be inquisitive, present their arguments and come to their own conclusions.

This prepare them gradually throughout their schooling to face the more complex issues of our future world. Our faculty is very special. By joining Ideal they accepted the formidable challenges of an international education. Students are motivated and encouraged to be inquisitive and discuss their points, thus developing their ability to reason and look for solutions through observation, experimentation, trial and error.

Our teachers delve into the complexity of learning with intelligence, creativity, enthusiasm and flexibility, always ready to discuss new approaches to enhance a child’s learning experience. Our children look forward to school, which is how it should be: a joy in exploring knowledge, and not a drudgery of memorizing facts.

Various experiences had given us a reason to believe that “I was a student with poor capacities”, Most of the students think in this way but somewhere deep in our self we know it’s not true. And that if we had received the right information with a right attitude by a teacher who could had understand our psychology we are certain, that we would had grown to be a more confident student. Idea behind IDEAL ENGLISH SCHOOL is the same to create an atmosphere where a student has the right to learn and grow in their own ways with proper help and right guidance, where students, will be the actors of their own learning.

About Ideal English School


The school sees every child as an individual and recognizes that children learn differently, and at different paces. Our hands-on approach is clearly expressed in the Chinese proverb: “When I hear, I forget. When I see, I remember. When I do, I understand.”


To develop highly competent and value driven leaders to meet changes of globalization


OUR PROSPECTUS Ideal English School is situated in the healthy fresh air of the Malang gad hills, overlooking historic city, surrounded by lush green natural groves and vineyards. Ideal English School offers a challenging and inspiring educational programme and a positive, nurturing environment where children flourish.



Our primary purpose is to develop the individual talents of our students through knowledge, skills and understanding while encouraging them to be inquisitive and resilient in dealing with change in order to confront the world of tomorrow with confidence and self-esteem. Our students learn to relate the experience of the classroom to the realities of the world outside by forcing on a combination of academic, personal and international activities where they enjoy their learning, develop enquiring minds and work on the personal qualities that make them involved citizens of our world. By learning from different cultures they acquire a profound respect for the nationalities and cultures of others. We believe in learning through structured purposeful inquiry.

To nurture young minds with Indian values to compete global world