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Dear Parents

We the stakeholders ofThe Ideal School at Kalyan, believe that children are born with unique abilities thatblossom when nurtured with love, trust, respectand commitment.

In today's world where cultivation of the intellect is considered most important, we at Ideal English School strive to develop the heart alongside by providing real education. An education that teaches children to collaborate and create, experimentand innovate withoutanycomparison with the other.


Our school would like to bring in the dimension of the whole human being by nurturing the mind, body and spirit. Our teachers are trained to provide an invigorating classroom environment where every learner can develop mental agility through independent thinking and reflection. Along with a robust Sports Program that is focused on building physical tenacity; lessons of wisdom are integrated into the curriculum to endow the spirit. Ideal English School aims to achieve its motto of creating leaders of tomorrow by nurturing on its soil global citizens who are truly concerned in bettering the lives ofothers around them.

Join us in this journey whilst we prepare our fledglings for the first flight. Let us see them soar heights with joy, curiosity and ambition in their hearts. We promise you thatthis relationship with us will be a worthwhile and unforgettable experience for each one ofus.

Best Wishes,

S. Mukinda (Principal)

Ideal English School



What is Ideology?

Ideology in education refers to the beliefs, customs, culture and values that give direction to education in areas ofthe curriculum, such as economics, politics, moral and religious, knowledge and truth.

And YES we provide all.

We believe in five ideologies of educational philosophy will be observed including Nationalism, Ethno­nationalism, Liberalism, Conservatism, and Marxism.

The ideology of a school reflects the educational system, it is therefore the responsibility of the institution to set up certain ideological aspects in order to keep the school a place to learn and preserve the value of knowledge. With respect to our system of education, IDEAL ENGLISH SCHOOL, one of the best schools in KALYAN EAST follows certain belief so that the process of learning will have a smooth flowand children will learn, and achieve certain moral values which are relevantto them.

Keeping up with its own ideology, IDEAL ENGLISH SCHOOL believes that harmony is the essence of nature, which emanates life and energy making love visible. It is that love and spirit that manifest the efforts of students, staff, and the parents. We cherish the value of education with our own set of belief. Our school, which is one ofthe best school in Kalyan East encourage students to keep their place in the societyas a responsible citizen. The school curriculum is carefullyplanned for children to have balance in education starting from standard I to X. Our mission is to create an enhanced partnership at home, society, and school, giving them all the necessarychoices, students become lifelong learners.

We are committed to mutual respect and social responsibility, we develop intellectual curiosity and thirst for achievement in students. Here at Ideal English School, we create an environment where students are given the platform to explore and discover their skills both in education and extra curriculum activities. Ensuring your child's securityin the learningfield, Ideal English School strongly followits ideologies to make learning a meaningful and effective journey