Sports and Recreation

Sport and recreation are important elements of our curriculum. From the first year of elementary through to the final year of school children are taught how to exercise safely, develop hand-eye coordination, and work as a team. On the social side, the school’s sports day is also a key event in our annual calendar, with parents and teachers organizing games for the children, and parents also lay on an buffet, which is second to none.

Music & Drama

The end of year show at Ideal English School is something students, parents and staff alike look forward to. It’s an opportunity to see the little ones shine, for parents to show their set-building and costume making skills and it is genuinely one of the most enjoyable moments to prepare for, just ask the teachers!

Special Features

Music (Keyboard / Tabla ) Sports (Cricket, Football, Dodge ball) Indoor Sports, Smart classrooms, Fieldtrips, Dance class, Classical music, Green school(Gardening and Cultivation), Festivals celebration, Transportation with GPS system, Arts and Crafts.

Trips & Excursions

We think that going on school trips is an important educational and social experience. We often run one trip for each class, every year and our trips are designed to stimulate, inspire and reward the children for their hard work.

Educational Fairs

It’s an opportunity to practice their presentation skills to different types of audiences and explain some of the concepts and ideas they have been studying in clear, accessible language.